EPPI-Reviewer, developed by the EPPI-Centre at University College London, is a recommended web-based tool for Cochrane authors to support the development of systematic reviews from study screening through data collection, analysis and synthesis. It supports authors and editors in writing all types of reviews, particularly in complex areas including meta-analysis, framework synthesis, and thematic synthesis.

EPPI-Reviewer is free to use for Cochrane authors, and you can log in using your Cochrane Account. The latest version is a pure web application that runs across devices on any modern browser.

Its extensive collaborative features can help your team manage all stages of the process including bibliographic management, screening and data extraction. It has extensive reporting features and allows the export of data to a variety of formats including JSON, RIS and Excel.

It includes features such as text mining, data clustering, classification and term extraction, utilising machine learning to speed up the screening process. Our latest developments include direct access to Microsoft Academic and the ability to produce interactive ‘maps’ of research activity. 

Further information on EPPI Reviewer is available here. Documentation, videos and other resources are on our Manuals page. 

For user support or any other queries, please contact EPPIsupport@ioe.ac.uk.

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