Writing the ‘Discussion’ section of your Cochrane DTA Review


This is a recorded video slidecast presentation by Chris Hyde, an editor of the Cochrane Collaboration Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group, delivered at a two-day workshop hosted by Cochrane Netherlands.

This presentation discusses how to interpret the results of a DTA review and how to write the discussion and conclusions sections of your review. It explains what a well-written discussion section should contain and points out the importance of consistency between different parts of the review.

Please note you will need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed in order to play the presentations. 

After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Understand which factors inform the interpretation and conclusions of a DTA review
  • Consider key elements in writing a discussion of a DTA review

Writing the ‘Discussion’ section of your Cochrane DTA Review

Author information: 
Hyde, Chris

Thanks to Cochrane Netherlands.