Cochrane Trainers' Network

The Cochrane Trainers’ Network is a network of people actively involved in providing training to support the preparation and production of Cochrane reviews. Members of the Trainers' Network can access resources just for trainers on this site, including downloadable presentations and additional resources to support face-to-face training.

The Trainers’ Network aims to:

  • Facilitate communication and peer support among those providing training
  • Facilitate use of Standard Author Training Materials and other approved training materials
  • Build capacity among trainers to provide training (scientific/technical skills, and teaching/learning skills)
  • Disseminate training information (e.g. updated resources, advance notice of changes to Cochrane methods, train-the-trainer opportunities)
  • Contribute to improvement of existing training resources and identify new resources for development, including translated materials

You can apply to join the network by completing the form below. Membership of the Trainers’ Network is open to anyone who has a role in training and support for preparing Cochrane reviews, including formal training, one-to-one author support and the development of training materials. Members have access to enhanced training resources and train-the-trainer support, including access to fully editable versions of all approved training materials via this website. Once a member, you can access resoruces for trainers by logging in when searching this site.

Members of the Trainers' Network must conduct training-related activity on behalf of a Cochrane or Campbell Group. Please select the (main) Group you work with.