Cochrane International Mobility

A global exchange programme for the Cochrane Community

The Cochrane International Mobility programme provides networking opportunities for people who wish to learn from Cochrane colleagues in different parts of the world. The scheme connects people and placements; facilitating exchanges that enhance international collaboration and sharing of best practice within the Cochrane Community. The programme is open to anyone interested in contributing to Cochrane's work. 

Cochrane Centres in Sweden, Austria and The Netherlands began this initiative with several successful student exchanges and a broader programme has now been launched as a pilot.

What is the purpose of the programme?

Cochrane International Mobility offers opportunities for learning and training on the part of both scheme participants and host staff. Placements typically involve activities related to the production, use and knowledge translation of Cochrane reviews. This can include:

  • Planning and delivery of workshops
  • Publication of Cochrane protocols and reviews
  • Engagement activities

Participants benefit from the clinical and methodological expertise of their hosts, while staff who oversee placements can gain valuable experience in supporting and mentoring colleagues. The scheme has obvious benefits for Cochrane as an organisation in terms of capacity building and encouraging collaborative working.

What is involved?

Arrangements are flexible and placements can last for several weeks to several months, depending on the project plan. Placements are typically self-funded. Participants completing postgraduate study have benefitted from university funding, and some Groups can offer work space or accommodation. Training and mentoring support is offered in different areas, specific to Groups' expertise.

Which Cochrane Groups are offering placements?

Twelve Cochrane Groups from around the world have agreed to participate in the pilot programme:

Cochrane Centres: Cochrane Australia, Cochrane AustriaCochrane Croatia, Cochrane Germany, Cochrane Iberoamérica, Cochrane Netherlands, Cochrane Norway, Cochrane PolandCochrane Sweden

Cochrane Fields:  Cochrane Neurological Sciences, Italy, Cochrane Rehabilitation, Italy

Cochrane Review Groups: Cochrane Anaesthesia and Emergency and Critical Care, Denmark

Cochrane International Mobility is open to all Cochrane Groups. If your Cochrane Group would like to offer a placement within the scheme, please contact for instructions on how to join the pilot and begin recruiting.

How can I apply?

All Cochrane International Mobility opportunities are advertised on Cochrane TaskExchange.

Search here for opportunities in different parts of the world and contact interested Groups directly.

Any questions?

For general enquiries about the scheme please contact For queries about specific placements, please contact the relevant Group directly, using the 'Questions & Comments' box on the posted opportunity in TaskExchange.