Developing a Protocol for a Cochrane Systematic Review - Penang, Malaysia

This workshop, organised by Cochrane Malaysia, is for individuals that are in the process of or are considering authoring a Cochrane systematic review. It is most suited to authors who already have registered title, but authors who have not yet identified a title will also benefit from the course and will be given assistance to develop a title. The workshop is conducted by internationally recognised Cochrane Trainers.

Course outline

This course aims to cover what is needed to complete a Cochrane protocol for an intervention review. It begins with an introduction to Cochrane and a brief overview of the format of a Cochrane systematic review. Over the 3-day workshop a mixture of presentations and a small group activities is used as well as hands-on computer sessions. This workshop also covers formulating clinical questions, locating studies, appraising risk of bias and the basics of meta-analysis needed to write the methods section of a protocol.

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