Dig a little deeper – using Clinical Study Reports for systematic Reviews: Freiburg, Germany

When working with journal published studies, authors of systematic reviews often reach a limit, because not all available studies are always published. Reporting in journals can also be incomplete and distorted. Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) could be a remedy. CSRs are summaries of the methods and results of a study, often several hundred or thousand pages long, which are prepared according to certain standards, often as part of the drug approval process. More and more clinical study reports are freely accessible.

The Methods Forum, organised by Cochrane Germany, is aimed at authors considering a systematic review including Clinical Study Reports. Speakers from Cochrane and IQWiG (The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare) will provide information on how to work with Clinical Study Reports in lectures and working in small groups.

Venue: Stadthotel Freiburg, Karlstr. 7, D-79104 Freiburg
Fee: 75 €/person

Please note, this is a one-day symposium/workshop event mostly done in German.

External link for further information & registration