Follow-up emails


1. On the Manage Webinar page, scroll down to the Emails section.

2. Click Edit next to Follow-Up Email to Attendees. If you want to send follow-up emails to absentees (registrants who don't show up), click Edit next to Follow-Up Email to Absentees.

3. On the Follow-Up Email page, select the "Send Follow-up Email to Attendees" or "Send Follow-up Email to Absentees" check box. One follow-up email can be sent to attendees up to 7 days after the webinar's scheduled end date.

4. Then choose when you'd like to send the follow-up email:

  • 1- 6 weeks after scheduled end date
  • 1-6 days after scheduled end date
  • 1-6 hours after scheduled end date

You can select Send me a copy of the Follow-Up Email if you'd like to receive a copy as well.

5. Enter the email subject and body text in the provided field to customize the email.

6. Click Select a Recording to attach a recording to your email. You can upload recordings on the My Recordings page.

7. Click Save. You can view your changes in the Emails section on the Manage Webinar page. To preview how the email will look to attendees, select Preview.