How to make sense of the results used in health research, and ways to communicate them (Virtual workshop)

This workshop, organised by the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP), will also include activities around communicating the results of research, including the benefits and harms of an intervention, in ways that can be understood by service users and could help them to participate in shared decision-making about their care.

Learning Objectives

  • To develop participants’ skills in making sense of research results in the published literature
  • To gain a clear understanding of the following concepts, and how they are applied in the reporting and interpretation of research results:-
    - absolute and relative risk
    - odds ratio
    - numbers needed to treat/harm
    - p-value
    - confidence interval
    - forest plot
    - heterogeneity
  • To practice calculating measures of risk using data from published research
  • To explore ways of communicating the results of research clearly to users

Participant places are limited in each virtual workshop to ensure optimal interaction between participants and lead trainer. CPD certification (equivalent to 3.5 hours) is available if required.

This workshop will take place online, and joining instructions will be sent to you after completion of booking. Participants will be sent pre-reading to complete before the start of the session. This course will be taught in English and will take place in British Summer Time BST (07 / 12 July BST 10:00-13:30).

External link for further information & registration