How to organise live online learning: a guide to running webinars and virtual workshops

In this webinar, Dario Sambunjak and Chris Watts from the Learning Team in Cochrane’s People Services Department will share their experiences of organising and running webinars and virtual workshops.

For the past four years Dario and Chris have run the successful Cochrane Learning Live webinar programme and, more recently, a series of virtual workshops. This session will be based on their experience to date and will be of particular interest to anyone in Cochrane involved in organising live online learning (and presenters too).

In this webinar, you’ll learn what’s involved in organising a live online learning event, get tips and tricks on sound planning, and hear good practice on how to make your live online learning as good as it can be for your learners and presenters.

The webinar will cover:-

  • How Cochrane’s Learning Team can help you
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different types of online learning
  • How to choose the best format for your live online learning
  • The tools of the job: using different platforms (such as GoToWebinar and Zoom)
  • A checklist guide to preparing for your live online learning session
  • On the day: good practice for running your session
  • Evaluating and sharing your session

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