Interactive Learning

How Cochrane Interactive Learning is being used

Cochrane Interactive Learning has been designed to be used as both self-directed online learning, and as part of a blended learning approach, such as combining module content with more advanced learning in workshop settings. Below we will share case studies as Cochrane Interactive Learning is used by different institutions or contexts.


Lund University


Cochrane Interactive Learning is being used as part of a collaboration between Cochrane Sweden, the Medical Degree Programme and the Medical Faculty Library & ICT unit at Lund University.


As part of their course assessment, third year students take modules 1-4 and are required to pass the associated Interactive Learning assessments. Students work with modules 5-9 on the following semesters.


Cochrane Interactive Learning provides detailed learning objectives for each module, meaning the Lund team are able to match student learning from the Cochrane Interactive Learning modules with the learning objectives of the Scientific Scholarship for each semester.


Students’ usage of Cochrane Interactive Learning will be evaluated with surveys and focus group interviews, and feedback will be used to improve further work.


A further project at Lund University will consist of a 40-hour PhD student courses (info at where Cochrane Interactive Learning usage will be integrated with face to face training. This is being developed in collaboration with the Nordic Cochrane Centre and Cochrane Sweden.


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