Introduction to meta-analysis software (online workshop)

This virtual workshop is organised by Cochrane Iran in collaboration with the Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Studies Center of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (SYRMAN).

This workshop will be taught in Persian and held online due to COVID-19. The workshop consists of online lectures, discussion, live chat and exercise. It will also provide practical and hands-on advice. This online workshop will be recorded and all records and materials will be provided afterwards.


Dr. Payam Kabiri, Dr. Hamid Sharifi, Dr. Shayan Mostafaei, Dr. Shahab Rezaeian.

Aim/ Content

This online workshop will address standard and some advanced methods applied to analyze meta-analytic data.

  • Overview of standard meta-analytic models (including fixed-, random-, and mixed-effects meta-regression models)
  • Applying the standard meta-analytic models to different outcome measures (such as mean differences, odds ratios and correlation coefficients)
  • To introduce the type of heterogeneity; identification, detection and solution for heterogeneity.
  • Running the methods mentioned above into STATA, RevMan, CMA, and R

Note: This workshop is specifically focused on applying meta-anlaysis software and it doesn't cover prior steps of the systematic review and meta-analysis such as formulating the research question into PICO format, literature search, and data extraction.

Target group

Medical and Health specialists.


Basic knowledge of the research synthesis and Meta-analysis.


Enrollment and further information is available here.