Introduction to systematic review and meta-analysis

This online workshop, organised by Cochrane Iran, is the first national systematic review and meta-analysis workshop in 2021 through the collaboration of Cochrane Iran Associate Centre and Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Studies Center, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (SYRMAN). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this workshop will be held as a virtual event via Skyroom for three days, with up to 150 participants. Online lectures, questions and answers, live chats and some exercises will all be available in a virtual environment.

Trainers: Dr. Ali Akbar Haghdoost, Dr. Farid Najafi, Dr. Payam Kabiri, Dr. Ali Kabir & Dr. Bita Mesgarpour

Aim/ Content:

This workshop aims to familiarize participants with systematic review studies and meta-analysis. It will include:-

  • Introduction to the principle of systematic review and meta-analysis studies
  • Types of the studies and the concept of primary and secondary studies
  • Defining the types of review studies and the difference between review studies and systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Formulating a systematic review question based on PICO /PECO
  • Type and scope of the question, components of the question, research question modification
  • Specify keywords
  • Determining inclusion and exclusion criteria

Search for evidence

  • Searching the database to find the relevant records
  • Sensitivity and specificity of a systematic search
  • Develop a quality search strategy
  • Managing & documenting the results
  • Screening records by title and abstract

Quality assessment

  • Risk of Bias assessment in Clinical Trials
  • Steps to review documents based on related tools

Data extraction and running a meta-analysis

  • Data extraction based on the prepared checklist
  • Fixed-versus random-effects models in meta-analysis
  • Common charts and tests in meta-analysis
  • Quantifying heterogeneity in a meta-analysis
  • Strategies for addressing heterogeneity
  • How to conduct a meta-analysis
  • Subgroup and sensitivity analysis

Interpreting the results and reporting a meta-analysis study

  • Investigating heterogeneity and interpreting sensitivity analysis
  • Interpreting the pooled effect size
  • Describing publication bias
  • Interpreting the forest plot, funnel plot and sensitivity analysis charts
  • Cochrane reviews compared to non-Cochrane reviews.

Target group: Medical and health specialists

Requirements: Basic knowledge of epidemiology and biostatistics

Enrolment: Enrolment and further information is available here.

Language: This workshop is taught in Persian.