Learning and Support Advisory Committee

The Learning and Support Advisory Committee (LSAC) provides high-level, strategic advice to support the direction, planning and evaluation of activities associated with implementing the Cochrane Training and Professional Development Strategy. In addition, the LSAC supports Cochrane’s Learning and Support team in establishing direction for learning programmes beyond the term of the current Strategy (2015-2017).


Miranda Cumpston, Head of Learning & Support (Chair)    
Sally Bell-Syer, Editor
Jill Hayden, methodologist
Lotty Hooft, Cochrane trainer
Dragan Ilic, evidence-based health care educator
Tamara Kredo, Cochrane trainer
Toby Lasserson, Cochrane Editorial Unit
Manu Easow Matthew, author
Richard Morley, Cochrane Consumer Co-ordinator
Dónal O'Mathúna, Cochrane trainer
Charlotte Pestridge, Cochrane Innovations
David Sinclair, Editor

Members of the LSAC are selected for their experience, expertise and active engagement in in learning and development activities both within and outside of Cochrane. Selection of a diverse membership brings a range of perspectives to the advisory capacity of the Committee. The LSAC complements a broader approach of consultation with contributor groups around learning needs, projects and implementation.