An hour with... IRMG

Below you can submit a question for the ‘An hour with…’ session of the A day with… Information Retrieval Methods Group (IRMG) virtual event (22 October 2020).

The questions should be within the scope of work of the IRMG and not longer than 500 characters with spaces.

Remember – there are no stupid questions! You can even ask a question if you feel you should know the answer, and we will not disclose who asked the question.

Note that ‘An hour with…’ sessions are designed primarily as a learning platform, rather than an on-call service for resolving the methodological problems in your systematic review. That is because there may be a substantial time delay between your sending the question and the session which will address it. Also, our experts will prioritize the questions with the greatest learning potential, e.g. those requiring more in-depth explanation or those of interest for greater number of learners.

If you join our sessions (sign up information is here), you will have a chance to ask follow-up questions, ask for specific clarifications, or join in the discussion around the selected questions and issues. But even if you can't make it to the session, you'll be able to watch the answers afterwards, as the session recordings will be uploaded to Cochrane Training website.

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