Meta-analysis of Individual Participant Data (IPD) from intervention studies (online course)

This four-day online workshop, organised by Cochrane Netherlands, is targeted at people who wish to know more about when and how to perform meta-analysis with Individual Participant Data (IPD) and how to assess the validity thereof. The course is directed to healthcare researchers, healthcare providers, guideline developers and policy makers, who wish to know more about the benefits and challenges of meta-analyses with IPD and how to perform such meta-analyses.

At the end of the course, participants will understand the essentials of IPD meta-analyses and able to:

1. Explain the rationale for performing an individual participant data meta-analysis (IPD-MA)
2. Understand the advantages, limitations and key characteristics of IPD-MA in intervention research
3. Understand the relevance of between-study heterogeneity, and be familiar with statistical methods for investigating and reporting this
4. Use statistical methods for summarizing relative treatment effects and explore the presence of treatment-covariate interaction
5. Be familiar with the similarities and differences between one-stage and two-stage metaanalysis methods
6. Use statistical methods for developing and evaluating diagnostic and prognostic prediction models in large combined data sets.
7. Interpret and critically appraise the results from an IPD-MA

Further information on the content of the course

More information. The course will be run on May 17, 18, 20 and 21. To register, please email

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