Supporting the use of evidence

Supporting the use of Cochrane evidence
Supporting the use of Cochrane evidence

Many Cochrane groups have already developed training and resources to help their target audiences understand Cochrane evidence and how to use it in practice. Here are case studies from where Cochrane contributors share their experiences of trying to improve the uptake of evidence.

If you have examples of improving uptake of evidence that you would like to share, please contact Cochrane KT Department.

Evidence Classroom: Supporting new clinicians to support the use of evidence in their practice

Cochrane Neonatal

Target audience for training: Neonatal-perinatal clinicians, fellows and trainees
Aim of training: To teach the basics of EBM using an interactive flipped classroom approach so that neonatologists can identify the strengths and limitations of systematic reviews in neonatal-perinatal
medicine and understand how to apply the evidence to clinical practice.
Training format: Eight part webinar series across eight months.
Date: 2020
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Developing a workshop and on-line learning for healthcare practitioners, researchers  and  policy-makers

Cochrane South Africa, Cochrane Infectious Diseases

Target audience for training: Healthcare practitioners, Policy-Makers, Researchers 
Aim of training: To build capacity in finding, interpreting, appraising and considering the use of Cochrane reviews in decision-making. 
Training format: 3-4 day, face-to-face workshop, which was developed into an on-line learning course with the same learning objectives
Date: 2018
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Working with national guideline developers to help them develop and adapt evidence-based guidelines

Cochrane Nigeria

Target audience for training: Guideline Development Groups based at national professional organizations.
Aim of training: To support national guideline development groups in using Cochrane evidence to develop evidence-based guidelines and to be able to adapt existing guidelines to the Nigerian context.
Training format: Individual support and feedback given to guideline developers depending on their needs.
Date: 2018
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Working with journalists to improve the quality of evidence-based reporting

Cochrane Nigeria

Target audience for training: Journalists
Aim of training: To work with journalists to help them to be able to find, appraise and report on systematic reviews in Nigeria, and to develop a forum to work with them to help disseminate Cochrane evidence.
Training format: Workshop for journalists and ongoing 'round table' events with journalists to discuss evidence.
Date: 2018
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A programme of training courses for healthcare practitioners on evidence-based health 

Cochrane Austria

Target audience for training: Healthcare practitioners (but has included employees from medical device and health insurance companies)
Aim of training: To develop programme of training to improve the ability of health practitioners in Austria to be able to interpret and use Cochrane evidence
Training format: Formal trainer led sessions ranging from one hour to one week.
Funding for event: Participants paid
Date: 2018
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Working with strategic partners to support training of systematic reviewers in the nutrition field

Cochrane Nutrition Field

Target audience for training: Systematic review authors
Aim of training: To help systematic reviewers in the area of nutrition to produce Cochrane reviews which meet the needs of global policy makers which subsequently aid implementation into policy.
Training format: A five-day summer school in conjunction with Cornell University and World Health Organisation.
Funding for event: Participants paid.
Date: 2018
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Discussing the evidence for paediatric pain with researchers, policy makers, healthcare professionals and carers

Cochrane Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care

Target audience for training: Researchers and research funders / practitioners
Aim of training: To understand the issues any gaps within research in the area of chronic childhood pain with the aim of improving primary research.
Training format: A four-hour event comprising presentations and panel discussions
Funding for the event: partnerships with other stakeholders, internal funding
Date: 2018
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Understanding and using systematic reviews in Neurosciences 

Cochrane Neurosciences Field

Target audience for training: Healthcare professionals (neuroscientists)
Aim of training: To increase the ability of the healthcare practitioners in the neurosciences field to be able to better critically evaluate the medical literature and practically apply it in their work
Training format: A five-day summer school
Date: 2018 and 2019
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