Guidance for Cochrane Review priority setting

Guidance for Cochrane Review priority setting
Guidance for Cochrane Review priority setting


Priority Setting Guidance Note for Cochrane Groups

The KT Priority Setting Working Group have developed practical guidance to support Cochrane Review Groups, Geographic Groups, Networks and Fields embarking on priority setting exercises.

The guidance acknowledges that different groups may be starting at different points with regards to their prioritisation work. This may include the need to:

  • Document an existing priority setting process
  • Update and prioritise of existing review questions
  • Develop new systematic review questions 

Guidance is given for all of these scenarios and includes references to additional resources (published tools and journal articles) to support each step of the priority setting process.

This video provides a 15-minute overview of the Guidance Note as presented at the Priority Setting Workshop at the Cochrane Colloquium 2018, Edinburgh.

In addition, at this workshop there were two questions which may be relevant:

  • This question focusses on the ‘Mandatory Standards’ required in order to include a topic onto the Priority Review List.
  • This question discusses the challenges of priority setting in Review Groups which have large scopes.

Partnership Guidance Note for Cochrane Groups

Priority setting involves understanding the needs of the end users, which may require partnerships with key stakeholders. For help with developing and maintaining partnerships there are has tools and resources for Cochrane Groups on the ‘Meaningful Partnerships’ pages.

Cochrane Priority Setting Methods Group

The guidance (see top of page) developed by the KT Priority Setting working group draws on priority setting research undertaken by the Cochrane Priority Setting Methods Group (CPSMG) and refers to a wide range of resources available on the CPSMG website.