Bias methods training event

This set of slide presentation focusing on risk of bias assessments were orginally delivered at the Annual Methods Training event in March 2012.  

This advanced level event, which was hosted by the Cochrane Bias Methods Group in conjunction with the meeting of UK and Ireland contributors, was attended by 27 cochranites and targetted Cochrane editorial and support staff.

The objective of the event was to train potential trainers and individuals to provide peer support for authors when conducting risk of bias assessments.

The following slides [with author names] from this event are available to download below:

  • Using the Risk of Bias to assess risk of bias in included studies [Isabelle Boutron]
  • Incorporating RoB assessments into meta-analyses [Julian Higgins]
  • Publication and other reporting biases; funnel plots and asymmetry tests [Jonathan Sterne]
  • Other potential biases [Isabelle Boutron]
After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Analyse studies for risk of bias using Cochrane Risk of Bias tool
  • Understand how to incorporate risk of bias into meta-analyses
  • Recognise bias in studies
Author information: 
Boutron, Isabelle; Higgins, Julian; Sterne, Jonathan