Entering data with the RevMan calculator

This resource is a series of short screencasts produced by the Cochrane UK to help you understand how the calculator in Review Manager (RevMan) software can be used to help putting together a Cochrane systematic review.

The first video shows how to check whether the measure reported in the research article is actually a standard deviation or perhaps a standard error.

The second video shows how to combine the continuous outcomes of different arms in multi-arm parallel trials comparing two or more active treatments against a control.

The third video shows how missing standard deviations can be calculated for continuous outcomes from parallel group studies which report the mean and the number of participants in each group, but not the standard deviation.

After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Use the calculator function in the RevMan software

Part 1: Is it really a standard deviation?

Part 2: Combining arms with continuous outcomes

Part 3: Calculating missing standard deviations


Author information: 
Cates, Christopher