Systematic reviews of preclinical animal research: who are the potential knowledge users?

This is a recording of the Cochrane Canada Webinar on systematic reviews of preclinical animal studies, with Marc Avey, PhD, CIHR Post-Doctoral Fellow, Clinical Epidemiology, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.

Improving the translation and reproducibility of preclinical animal research has become an important topic of discussion for funders, journals, industry and scientists. Systematic reviews of preclinical animal research have been a major contributor to this discussion. This webinar explores the potential knowledge users of preclinical systematic reviews and how systematic reviews may be integrated into the knowledge management system.

After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Idenfity potential knowledge users of systematic reviews of preclinical animal research
  • Understand the importance of systematic reviews of preclinical research findings
  • Understand where preclinical systematic reviews fit from bench to bedside
  • Distinguish between exploratory and confirmatory preclinical research

Author information: 
Avey, Marc

Cochrane Canada webinar series was produced with the support of Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Institute of Gender and Health, Institute of Health Services and Policy Research, Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health, Institute of Infection and Immunity, Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis, and Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes. Blackboard Collaborate tool for producing webinars was provided by Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) / WHO Research Promotion and Development. Introduction by Adrianne Stevens.