Soo Downe: Changing the conversation: How QES reviews can frame and inform guidelines and implementation (webinar)

This session, organised by Cochrane Ireland & Cochrane UK, will describe the synergistic development of QES techniques and WHO maternity care guidelines, as an example of how iterative methodological innovation can make a difference to the framing of ‘what counts’ in practice. It will also cover the further use of the results from QES reviews in implementation of guidelines into practice in a range of countries and settings.

Presenter Bio:

Soo Downe, Professor of Midwifery Studies, BA (hons), RM, MSc, PhD, OBE. Soo worked as a clinical midwife between 1985 and 2000. In 2001 she joined UCLan where she is now the Professor of Midwifery Studies. Her main research focus is the nature of, and cultures around, normal birth. She is a Cochrane EPOC editor. She has been a co-author on papers in three Lancet Series (Midwifery, Stillbirth, and Reducing Caesarean Section). She has published over 150 peer reviewed papers, and has undertaken research using a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods. With the team at UCLan she has undertaken qualitative evidence syntheses to inform and frame a range of WHO guidelines related to maternity care, and has also been part of a series of papers on undertaking QES reviews.

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