Success of living systematic reviews for rapid evidence synthesis and surveillance (Cochrane Ireland webinar)

This webinar, organised by Cochrane Ireland, will cover the following topics:-

  • What living systematic reviews are and how they differ from traditional systematic reviews
  • Evidence of their feasibility based on a pilot project and ongoing living systematic reviews
  • Practical and logistic aspects of maintaining a living systematic review
  • Key enablers for the success of living systematic review, including tech-based enablers
  • Case study ‘intervention to improve the fruit and vegetable consumption of children aged 5 years and younger”

Dr Rebecca Hodder is a NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow and Program Manager at the University of Newcastle and Hunter New England Population Health with 15 years’ experience in the implementation and evaluation of chronic disease prevention programs in children. She has a particular interest and expertise in evidence synthesis, including living evidence, and is a Cochrane Public Health Research Associate. Dr Hodder leads a series of studies at the National Centre of Implementation Science identifying international and national evidence-practice gaps in school-based chronic disease prevention and a series of living systematic reviews to identify and improve the implementation of effective chronic disease prevention interventions in children.

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