Systematic reviews and meta-analysis of prognosis studies: Utrecht, The Netherlands

This three-day online workshop, organised by Cochrane Netherlands, is targeted at people who wish to learn how to summarise evidence of prognosis studies. In this workshop, there will be a discussion and practice on how to define your prognosis review question, how to search the literature, how to critically assess the quality of primary prognosis studies, which statistical methods to use for a meta-analysis of the results of primary prognosis studies, and how to interpret and report the findings.

At the end of the course, participants will understand the essentials and be able to:-

1. Explain the rationale for performing a systematic review of prognosis studies
2. Formulate a focused review question addressing a prognostic problem
3. Systematically search the literature
4. Critically appraise the evidence from primary prognosis studies
5. Formulate the difficulties of meta-analysis of prognosis studies
6. Perform a meta-analysis in a review of prognostic factors
7. Perform a meta-analysis in a review of prognostic models

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