Systematic Reviews of Quantitative and/or Qualitative Evidence 2020: Leuven, Belgium

Three day Systematic Review Workshop, Leuven (Belgium), 25-27 March 2020

The KU Leuven Methodology of Educational Sciences Research Group (CMPO) and the Research group Social, Methodological and Theoretical Innovation / Kreative (SoMeTHin’K) organize a multi-disciplinary workshop on systematic reviews. This workshop is designed to provide faculty, PhD, doctoral students, editors, reviewers, novice and senior researchers with the fundamental background and skills required to conduct a systematic review of qualitative, quantitative or mixed research evidence. The course focusses on systematic review projects evaluating the effectiveness, feasibility and appropriateness of particular interventions or programs. It also addresses the question how to synthesize research evidence related to experiences of people involved in treatments, therapies, educational, psycho-social or environmental interventions and presents approaches on how to synthesize research information on experiences of those facing challenging life circumstances. The workshop prepares those considering a review project with Cochrane, the Campbell Collaboration or the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence.

The course will be given in English. Participants of the quantitative part are expected to have followed an introduction in descriptive and inferential statistics, participants of the qualitative part should be able to read and understand original, qualitative research papers. Particular experience in the conduct of systematic reviews is helpful, however it is not a prerequisite for participating in this course event.

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