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25 April 2022
13:00:00 UTC
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60 minutes
This seventh webinar of the Qualitative Evidence Synthesis (QES) & Learning Live series will introduce the GRADE-CERQual approach and the iSoQ tool. Qualitative research makes a key contribution to understanding complex issues in health and social care and is increasingly being used to inform decisions in these arenas. One thing decision makers need to know is how much confidence to place in findings emanating from the synthesis of qualitative evidence. GRADE-CERQual is a systematic and transparent approach to assessing how much confidence to place in the individual findings of a qualitative evidence synthesis (QES) (systematic review of qualitative research), and is a key step in a Cochrane QES. A GRADE-CERQual confidence assessment is based on the assessment of four components: methodological limitations, relevance, adequacy and coherence. Concerns with any of the components may reduce our confidence in a review finding. The new iSoQ tool (interactive summary of qualitative findings) is an online data-management software to assist review authors with applying the GRADE-CERQual approach.
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