Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert!

Trainers' Week offered participants a unique opportunity to ask our panel of experts anything they like about all aspects of being a Cochrane Trainer. Trainers could ask anything they liked about delivering Cochrane learning; whether that was an interest in how to deal with difficult learners, or heterogeneous groups, or how to tackle afternoon sleepiness amongst learners...

Read the questions and answers submitted to our panel of experts

Our panel was chosen to provide specific expertise in didactic (teaching) skills, Cochrane methods and using social media as a learning tool.

Susanne Czachs is an international methodology and didactics trainer with 25 years' experience in teaching and training  across multiple industries, universities, governmental and non-profit organisations.  Susanne will be available to answer any questions you have about teaching and training skills and delivery.

Sarah Chapman is a Knowledge Broker at the UK Cochrane Centre and a guru on all things social media! Sarah is responsible for the award-winning Evidently Cochrane blog (much recommended reading) and countless other innovative initiatives to share evidence and best practice through social media. Whether you are interested in using Twitter as a learning tool or are just getting started with the potential of social media, Sarah will be able to answer your questions on this exciting area.

Miranda Cumpston is the Head of Cochrane's Learning and Suport Department and is the expert on all things Cochrane Training.  Miranda can answer any questions that you might have about Cochrane's Learning and Support programme, our work at the moment and plans for the future. She will also be able to answer any questions about getting involved as a trainer, as well as the development of the Trainers' Network.

Methodology expertise - Cochrane's Learning and Support Department has access to a broad range of methodological expertise across the Cochrane Community.  As well as the range of methodological events that we are holding as part of Trainers' Week, we are also happy to receive any questions you might have about methodological issues. We will pass these on to an appropriate expert for answering.