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About us

The Cochrane Training website provides a range of learning opportunities for individuals interested in learning more about conducting, editing or reading a systematic review. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned reviewer, you will find new opportunities to learn here about Cochrane systematic review methodology and processes.

Cochrane Training is developed and maintained by the Development Directorate, based in the Central Executive Team. Our content is developed in partnership with subject matter experts from across the Cochrane community.

Finding your way around

Our online learning section will guide you through our collections of resources for individuals looking for self-directed, online learning. We provide online learning in a range of formats, including online courses, individual learning modules, videos, slidecasts and webinars.

Our learning events section contains our upcoming programme of Cochrane Learning Live virtual learning events, together with archives of recordings from previous sessions. You can also find the link to other Cochrane events and conferences, as well as an archive of webinars delivered by other Cochrane Groups.

Guides and handbooks will take you to the core texts to support your learning and activities with Cochrane.

For trainers, there is our Trainers' Hub, providing resources to support you in providing training in Cochrane methodologies and processes, as well as the chance to link up with other trainers through our Network email list.

Annual analytics for our learning resources

Every year we collect analytics to monitor the uptake of our online learning resources, including our Learning Live webinar series.

You can access our latest 2023 annual report here.

2022 report: available here.
2021 report: available here.
2020 report: available here.

Sharing and feedback

Found something that you think others will find useful? Use the icons at the bottom of each page to tweet or post about our resources on social media. You can also follow us on Twitter @cochranetrain where we provide regular updates about new resources and upcoming webinars.

We're always keen to hear your feedback too; whether you've found something wrong, something you have liked, a gap that needs filling, or would like to get involved. Contact us on