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Learning Live

Cochrane Learning Live is a series of online learning events open to everyone. Here you can sign up for an upcoming event or access our archive of recordings. You can also find the link to other Cochrane events.

1. Upcoming Learning Live events

July 5, 2022,  16:00 UTC
Interpreting results of network meta-analyses: the GRADE minimally contextualized approach
Gordon Guyatt, Distinguished Professor McMaster University, co-chair GRADE working group, co-convenor Cochrane GRADEing methods group.

September 1, 2022,  14:00 UTC
Writing a review protocol - good practice and common errors
Nuala Livingstone, Associate Editor, Cochrane Evidence Production and Methods Directorate.

September 13, 2022,  13:00 UTC
Updated GRADE guidance for imprecision rating using a minimally contextualized approach
Dr. Linan Zeng, Guideline methodologist, McMaster University and West China Second University Hospital.

September 21, 2022,   08:00 UTC
Searching clinical trials registers: guide for systematic reviewers
Kylie Hunter, Senior Evidence Analyst & PhD candidate, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney Associate Convenor, Cochrane Prospective Meta-Analysis Methods Group.
Dr Anna Lene Seidler, Senior Research Fellow, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney Co-Convenor, Cochrane Prospective Meta-Analysis Methods Group.

2. All Cochrane events

For a list of all upcoming Cochrane events and conferences, please visit this page.

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