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Learning Live

Cochrane Learning Live is a series of online learning events open to everyone. Here you can sign up for an upcoming event or access our archive of recordings. You can also find the link to other Cochrane events.

1. Upcoming Learning Live events

Wednesday 28 August 2024, 09:00 UTC  *International Patient & Public Involvement Network webinar*
‘Let’s yarn about sleep’: Co-designing a movement for sleep health equity in First nations communities in Australia
Associate Professor Yaqoot Fatima, Principal Research Fellow, UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, University of Queensland
Wayne Williams, Lecturer in Indigenous Health, Medical School (Rural Clinical School), Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland

Wednesday 4 September 2024, 08:00 UTC  *Methods Support Unit web clinic*
Writing a Cochrane abstract in the focused review format
Lindsay Robertson, Evidence Synthesis Development Editor, Cochrane
Elizabeth Royle, Production Manager, Cochrane

Thursday 26 September 2024, 13:00 UTC  
How the interactive Summary of Qualitative Findings (iSoQ) tool can help you apply GRADE-CERQual in your QES
Dr Megan Wainwright, iSoQ Development Team lead, GRADE-CERQual Coordinating Team member.
Prof. Simon Lewin, iSoQ Development Team, GRADE-CERQual Coordinating Team member, co-coordinator of Cochrane People, Health Systems and Public Health, and Scandinavian GRADE Network coordinator. 
Prof. Claire Glenton, iSoQ Development Team, GRADE-CERQual Coordinating Team member, Cochrane Norway researcher and Scandinavian GRADE Network co-coordinator. 
Camilo Vergara, iSoQ Development Team, Epistemonikos Foundation.

Thursday 3 October 2024, 08:00 UTC  *Methods Support Unit web clinic*
Introducing ROB-ME: a tool for assessing risk of non-reporting biases in systematic reviews with meta-analysis
Matthew Page, Senior Research Fellow & Deputy Head, Methods in Evidence Synthesis Unit, Monash University
Julian Higgins, Professor of Evidence Synthesis, University of Bristol
Jonathan Sterne, Professor of Medical Statistics & Epidemiology, University of Bristol

Thursday 10 October 2024, 08:00 UTC  *International Patient & Public Involvement Network webinar*
HEAlth caRe needs of the Deaf (HEARD): Using community-based participatory research to address the healthcare access challenges of the Deaf community in Malaysia
Professor Uma Palanisamy, Professor of Biochemistry, Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia

Wednesday 20 November 2024, 14:00 UTC  
Introduction to diagnostic test accuracy network meta-analysis
Sofia Tsokani, Statistical Editor, Methods Support Unit, Cochrane CET
Areti-Angeliki Veroniki, Assistant Professor, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto. Co-Convenor, Cochrane Statistical Methods Group

Wednesday 4 December 2024, 15:00 UTC  *International Patient & Public Involvement Network webinar*
Engaging indigenous patient partners in patient-oriented research in Canada
Marie-Claude Tremblay, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine, Université Laval

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