How to share Cochrane evidence

How to share Cochrane evidence
How to share Cochrane evidence

We need to share the results of Cochrane reviews so that they have the greatest possible impact. Dissemination means summarising the results of research, putting it in a format that is useful for whichever audience you are targeting, and sharing it with that audience. The sections on this page explain how to plan and do dissemination well, whether you have some or no experience, a lot or little time, and whether you work in English or other languages.

Top Tip! Start planning your dissemination before the publication process finishes. Starting early will give you time to identify any pre-work that would be useful. For example, building relationships with key audiences who may use your evidence, or may help you disseminate it.

Getting inspired

Many of your colleagues at Cochrane are already disseminating their work and seeing impact. Some case studies of dissemination work are available:

Click here to see examples of the difference disseminating Cochrane evidence makes.

Choose the right dissemination product for your audience

There are many ways that you can disseminate the evidence from a Cochrane review, and the format of your dissemination will vary for different reviews and for different audiences. This section will share the most common dissemination activities at Cochrane, and considerations to make when choosing the right method.

Dissemination essentials: The checklist

No matter which strategy you choose to disseminate the evidence from a Cochrane review, you will want to use this checklist to make sure you are creating high-quality dissemination products. In this section, you can read more about each item on the checklist, and how to use it as you prepare your dissemination product.