Dissemination essentials: The checklist

Dissemination Essentials: The Checklist
Dissemination Essentials: The Checklist

Dissemination products can be quite different when it comes to quality and effect. However, there are several common characteristics that you will find in high quality dissemination products. We have put these into a short checklist for you to use when creating your own dissemination products for your local context and language. The checklist will help you  improve the communication of your findings to non-experts (i.e. people who are not familiar with systematic review methodology). The result? Your dissemination product will get information to the people who need it, when they need it, in a way they can understand and use it.

This checklist is first and foremost for people creating dissemination products that present review findings. If you are building awareness about a review without presenting the finding, you might find some helpful tips here as well.

You can use this guidance when you:

  • Plan the dissemination of a Cochrane review
  • Create a dissemination product
  • Create or improve a dissemination product template

The image below shows the full checklist on one page, which you can also open as a printable version. For more information on each point of the checklist, examples and links to more resources, download the full checklist and guidance.

Resources to support your use of the checklist

Watch our webinar on how to improve your dissemination products and share Cochrane evidence more effectively with the Dissemination Checklist! This webinar covers:

  • Brief review of the checklist items
  • How the checklist can be used in practice
  • Where to find further support and resources to improve dissemination products

Click here to listen to the webinar recording in Russian.

Click here for an abbreviated version of the checklist and guidance translated into Polish.

Check back soon for stories on how people are using the checklist, what a difference it is making, and more tools and resources to support you as you apply the checklist to your dissemination work!

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