Full economic evaluations

The following three videos describe three types of full economic analyses: cost effectiveness analysis, cost utility analysis, and cost benefit analysis.

The videos are produced as screncasts of sections of an online learning module on health economics.

Part 1: Cost effectiveness analysis

Part 2: Cost utility analysis

Part 3: Cost benefit analysis



Materials for the original module have been developed in collaboration between the University of Portsmouth, Cochrane UK and members of the wider Cochrane community. The development of these materials has been funded by Cochrane, the Higher Education Innovation Fund (University of Portsmouth), and the Faculty of Science, University of Portsmouth.

Lead programmer: Will Maltby. Lead storyboard developer for the module: Ian Shemilt, Luke Vale and Ann Dewey. With additional input from: Jerry Collingwood, Tara Dean, Amy Drahota, Carolyne Jacobs, Sally Kilburn and Marialena Trivella. Voice-over: Rebecca Harris. Video animations and additional graphics: Rob Shaw of Frank Floyd Animation. Methodological peer review and input: Ian Shemilt, Luke Vale and Miranda Mugford. Thanks to all those who helped with piloting and provided feedback on their experiences.