Social media for Cochranites

Social media offers a powerful set of tools for disseminating and to allow and encourage engagement with the evidence. This is a set of three presentations on:

1. Sharing Cochrane Reviews through Twitter

2. Engaging at events through social media

3. An introduction to blogging

The presentations are adapted from the social media roadshow taken round the UK in 2013 by Holly Millward and Sarah Chapman from the UK Cochrane Centre.  They offer an introduction to using different forms of social media, tips and tricks for good practice, and will be useful to all Cochrane Groups and authors in using social media to promote their work. 

After using this resource, you should be able to...
  • Describe the benefits of different social media tools in sharing, engaging and promoting Cochrane’s work
  • Use Twitter and accompanying tools for disseminating Review work, developing networks and engaging stakeholders
  • Create an engaging blog using good practice for style and layout

Social media for Cochranites

Author information: 
Chapman, Sarah; Millward, Holly