Visualising Cochrane Evidence in practice: experience from the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders group

Are you interested in tools and techniques for visualising findings from your review? In these videos, originally part of an April 2019 Cochrane Learning Live webinar, the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group (CCMD) share their first experience of developing infographics from CCMD reviews in partnership with a commissioned graphic designer and other stakeholders. It covers the process of developing infographics for different audiences as part of a Group’s KT strategy, including the opportunities this presents and some of the challenges along the way.

The videos are of interest to anyone with an interest in making Cochrane evidence accessible; in particular, people supporting Cochrane KT activities as part of their role, Cochrane Review Groups, Geographic Groups & Fields, as well as review authors. Below you will find videos from the webinar, together with accompanying slides to download [PDF].

Part 1: Introduction - Why bother?
Part 2: Why visual storytelling?
Part 3: How? Three case studies
Part 4: Challenges, learning and where next?

Presenter bios:

Jess Hendon, Managing Editor, CCMD. Jess previously worked in research funding and as a policy analyst. She is particularly interested in the everyday reality of how we go about getting research findings into practice.

Laura Evans, Nifty Fox Creative. Laura is a visual storyteller who helps organisations use meaningful pictures to tell stories, captivate audiences and get things done.

Lindsay Robertson & Noortje Uphoff, Systematic Reviewers, CCMD. Lindsay and Noortje are experienced researchers and bring the perspective and reflections of Cochrane review authors to the discussion.

Part 1: Introduction - why bother?

Part 2: Why visual storytelling?

Part 3: How? Three case studies

Part 4: Challenges, learning and where next?

Additional materials

Download the slides from the webinar [PDF] 

View examples of CCMD's infographics: on anti-depressants for post-natal depression and their Vision

View a video produced by CCMD on e-health interventions for anxiety and depression

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Author information: 
Hendon, Jess; Evans, Laura; Robertson, Lindsay; Uphoff, Noortje