Systematic Search for Systematic Reviews Workshop

This virtual workshop is the first advanced workshop that will be held nationally on June 2-3, 2021 through the collaboration of Cochrane Iran Associate Centre and Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Studies Center of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (SYRMAN). 

Due to the COVID-19 challenging time, this workshop will be held virtually in the form of a webinar. Online lectures, questions and answers, discussion, live chats and some exercises, will be available. 

This workshop will also provide practical, hands-on advice and tips for advance searching in MEDLINE, including: Medical Subject heading (MeSH) searches; field codes; frequency search; nesting; and filters. 

Dr. Payam Kabiri

Aim/ Content:
This virtual workshop aims to train participants to advanced search for systematic review studies. It will include: 

  • Formulating a PICO question
    • P = Population/Patient/Problem - How would we define the problem or a group of patients?
    • I = Intervention - What main intervention, exposure, or therapy we wish to consider?
    • C = Comparison - Is there an alternative treatment to compare with the intervention?
    • O = Outcome - What is the clinical outcome?
  • Sources to search
    • Bibliographic databases
    • MEDLINE and Embase
    • The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL)
    • Other bibliographic databases
    • Designing search strategies according to PICO 
  • Designing search strategies and running search
    • Understand the differences between controlled vocabulary and keywords  
    • Recognized search syntax rules (search fields, Boolean and proximity searching)  
    • Sensitivity versus precision
    • Create a search in Medline with a combination of MeSH and Keywords 
    • Identifying gray literature and running search
    • Language, date and document format restrictions
    • Identifying fraudulent studies, other retracted publications, errata and comments
    • Search filters, peer review of search strategies, alerts, timing of searches, stop searching time
    • Documenting and reporting the search process

Target group
Medical and Health specialists

Basic knowledge of Health and Medical Sciences 

Enrollment and further information is available here

Language: This workshop is taught in Persian.