3. The Cochrane Register of Studies

The CRS is Cochrane's meta-register or repository for Specialised Registers from all Cochrane Groups and Fields. It is also a management tool specifically designed for storing, maintaining and developing registers. 

Access to the CRS software used for maintaining and developing your SR is restricted to Cochrane editorial base staff. You will need a Cochrane Account username and password to access the CRS.

Levels of CRS permissions for Cochrane Information Specialists are automatically set to maximum, but your Group’s super user can change these for anyone with a role in the Group. To do this, they need to go to the Group properties in Archie and change them in the ‘Roles’ tab.

Each Group has their own ‘segment’ within CRS. This is where their Specialised Register is stored. 

A browser based version of the CRS is currently under development.