Cochrane Trainer's Toolbox

Cochrane Trainer's Toolbox

Help us fill our toolbox! Share your ideas and materials.

Have you got a great presentation, exercise or resource that you think other trainers could use?

Cochrane's Learning and Support Department is developing a Trainer's Toolbox to support Cochrane Trainers in organising and delivering their training.  

We are planning for the Toolbox to consist of a broad range of materials, including: didactic exercises, worked examples, tips, checklists and reading materials. We have set up a virtual noticeboard for examples of the resources we're hoping to get.

We're asked the Trainers' Network to help us build the Toolbox over the course of Trainers' Week by contributing materials and helping us with bright ideas about how we might best shape the project.

We gave out prizes for some of the submissions - click HERE to get the details of the contest.


We held a webinar to introduce trainers to the project, give an opportunity to ask questions as well as help us shape the content and presentation of the Toolbox.  

Watch the edited webinar here [YouTube video]

Virtual noticeboard

We made a virtual noticeboard available throughout Trainers' Week for trainers to share any materials that might be suitable for the Toolbox. The virtual noticeboard used a website Padlet, where trainers could pin links, leave comments or upload materials.

Go here to access the virtual noticeboard

Go here to watch a brief video about how to use the virtual noticeboard (Padlet).