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Cochrane Trainers' Network
How to join the Cochrane Trainers' Network
A network of people actively involved in providing training and support for the production of Cochrane reviews.

Becoming a member of Cochrane's Trainers' Network is a unique opportunity to join this community of trainers working across the organisation. The purpose of the Trainers' Network is to:

  • Facilitate communication and peer support among those providing training
  • Facilitate use of Author Training Materials and other approved training materials
  • Build capacity among trainers to provide training (scientific/technical skills, and teaching/learning skills)
  • Disseminate training information (e.g. updated resources, advance notice of changes to Cochrane methods, train-the-trainer opportunities)
  • Contribute to improvement of existing training resources and identify new resources for development, including translated materials

How to join the Trainers' Network

You can apply to join the network by completing the form below. Please complete all fields in the form, otherwise we will not be able to consider your application. Membership of the Trainers’ Network is open to anyone who has a role in training and support for preparing Cochrane reviews, including formal training, one-to-one author support and the development of training materials. On receipt of your application form we will check with your Cochrane Group to confirm you are providing training on their behalf.

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