Diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) reviews

Systematic reviews of diagnostic test accuracy (DTA) summarize the evidence about test accuracy. Ideally, they also investigate why the results may vary among studies, compare the performance of alternative tests, and help the reader to put the evidence in a clinical context.

This collection of slidecasts will help you work through the key topics needed to complete a Cochrane DTA Review. Each slidecast is designed to be a standalone learning unit although they are presented here as a progressive learning pathway. You may choose to access the slidecasts in any order you wish, although those new to Cochrane DTA Reviews may find it most productive to work through the resources in the order presented.

The slidecasts are being developed by the Cochrane Screening & Diagnostic Test Methods Group. At the moment there are 20 slidecasts available and the full list of planned resources is available here.

Besides the slidecasts presented in this collection, other useful materials related to DTA reviews, including the Handbook for DTA reviews, can be found on the web pages of the Cochrane Screening & Diagnostic Test Methods Group.

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