Covidence webinar: Cochrane's new online tool for streamlined review production

This webinar, part of the Cochrane Learning Live series, is a walk-through of Covidence’s features by Anneliese Arno, Community Manager at Covidence.  Covidence is Cochrane’s new online systematic review production platform, and was selected by Cochrane to become the standard platform for Cochrane Reviews.  Covidence supports import and deduplication of citations, title and abstract and full text screening, risk of bias assessment and data extraction, and export of data directly into RevMan or Excel.

The webinar was delivered in March 2016. The webinar will be of interest to anyone with an interest in Covidence and its features, including new and experienced authors and editors.  This resource provides the webinar below in five parts:

  1. Signing in and importing
  2. Title and abstract - screening and settings
  3. Full text screening
  4. Data extraction
  5. Data export

If you have further questions about how Covidence works, you can refer to the useful Covidence Knowledge Base which is available here. The recording of a more recent (October 2020) webinar providing an update on Covidence is available here.

Part 1: Sign in and importing references

Part 2: Title and abstract - screening & settings

Part 3: Full text screening

Part 4: Data extraction

Part 5: Data export

Author information: 
Arno, Anneliese; Sambunjak, Dario; Watts, Chris