Extracting data from figures using software

This webinar, presented by Professor Livia Puljak from the University of Split School of Medicine in Split, Croatia, will show participants how to use Plot Digitizer software for extracting data from figures.

Prof Puljak reports on two published studies, which indicated that very few Cochrane protocols plan how will they extract data found only in figures, and proved that data extraction with software, compared to manual data extraction, is a faster and more accurate approach.  

The webinar was delivered in November 2016. Below are recordings from Prof Puljak's webinar, including an explanation of how to use Plot Digitizer software to extract data from figures.

You can also download slides from the webinar, which are accompanied by detailed instructions on using Plot Digitizer.

Part 1: Manual vs. software extraction: research studies

Part 2: Basic information on Plot Digitizer software

Part 3: Plot Digitizer: Demonstration and Q&A


Author information: 
Puljak, Livia; Sambunjak, Dario; Watts, Chris