GRADE-CERQual: An introduction for qualitative evidence synthesis [webinar]

This webinar presents the Confidence in the Evidence from Reviews of Qualitative research (GRADE-CERQual) approach, an innovative approach for assessing how much confidence to place in findings from qualitative evidence syntheses. ( 

Qualitative evidence syntheses (or systematic reviews of qualitative studies) are increasingly used to bring together findings from individual qualitative studies. However, it has been difficult to use these findings to inform decisions and policies because methods to assess how much confidence to place in synthesised findings have been poorly developed. The GRADE-CERQual approach addresses this need.

The webinar, which is part of the Cochrane Learning Live series, is presented by Heather Munthe-Kaas, Simon Lewin and Claire Glenton, all coordinators of the GRADE-CERQual Project Group. 

The webinar was delivered in February 2017. The webinar is edited into the following five parts:

  1. Introduction to GRADE-CERQual
  2. Overview of CERQual components
  3. Individual components and overall assessment
  4. Where to find guidance and how to get involved
  5. Questions and answers

Accompanying webinar slides [PDF] are also available below.

Part 1: Introduction to GRADE-CERQual

Part 2: Overview of GRADE-CERQual components

Part 3: Individual components and overall assessment

Part 4: Where to find guidance and how to get involved

Part 5: Questions and answers


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Author information: 
Munthe-Kaas, Heather; Lewin, Simon; Glenton, Claire; Sambunjak, Dario