Literature search in rapid reviews

This webinar, part of the Cochrane Rapid Reviews & Learning Live webinar series, summarized considerations and recommendations on planning and conducting systematic searches for rapid reviews, including useful software / web-tools.

The session was delivered in November 2023 and below you will find the videos from the webinar, together with the accompanying slides to download [PDF].

Part 1: Presentation
Part 2: Questions & answers

Presenter bio

Irma Klerings is an information specialist at the Department for Evidence-based Medicine and Evaluation, University for Continuing Education Krems. As a methodological expert she has nine years of professional experience conducting literature searches for systematic reviews and rapid reviews on a wide range of healthcare topics. Since 2021 she is also co-convenor of the Cochrane Information Specialist Executive.

Part 1: Presentation

Part 2: Questions and answers

Additional materials

Download the slides from the webinar [PDF]