Q&A on GRADE and ‘Summary of findings’ tables

The following video clip is the final part of the the Cochrane Learning Live webinar delivered by Dr Nancy Santesso from the Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. She is also a member of the GRADE Working Group.

In the clip below, Dr Santesso answers the following questions posed by the webinar participants:

  • If evidence comes from a single study, is that a cause of concern in GRADE approach, irrespective of the number of events or participants?
  • In which cases should we have ‘very serious’ concerns about the quality of evidence?
  • Do you consider the three final components of GRADE approach (‘reasons for upgrading’) if the evidence is based on RCTs?
  • Are there any modules addressing GRADE for non-randomized studies?
  • How to present NNTs in ‘Summary of findings’ tables?
  • If the relative effect is expressed as Odds ratio, how this will be presented in ‘Summary of findings’ table?

Miscellaneous questions and answers

Author information: 
Santesso, Nancy; Sambunjak, Dario; Watts, Chris