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Research priority setting with patients and the public

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28 September 2023
15:00:00 UTC
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60 minutes
What tends to be researched has largely reflected the concerns of pharmaceutical organisations and individual researchers, rather than patients, carers and the public, or health professionals who have to address issues of uncertainty. This contributes to waste in research. Processes for identifying priority questions for research are an increasingly important feature and including patients, carers and the public is a growing movement. Patients and the public can be involved both in steering these priority setting processes, as well as being part of setting future priorities for research. In this webinar, part of the International PPI Network: Learning Live webinar series, we'll hear from the James Lind Alliance who will describe their method for involving patients and the public. We'll also hear from a Priority Setting Partnershop who will describe their unique challenges and approaches. This will be followed by a Q&A with speakers for the last part of the webinar.
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