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Subscription and access queries


I'm a Cochrane contributor. How do I get free access to the resources?

People involved in certain aspects of Cochrane's work have free access to all the Cochrane Interactive Learning modules. This includes:

  • Authors of Cochrane Reviews 
  • Cochrane Editorial teams and Information Specialists
  • Cochrane Group staff 
  • Methods Group Convenors
  • Consumer Reviewers
  • Copy Edit Support 
  • Members of Executives and the Governing Board 
  • Network Support Fellows 
  • Translators and Managing Translators
  • Members of the Trainers' Network

To confirm if you have a qualifying role, please visit the Roles tab on your Cochrane Account, where your Cochrane group roles are listed. The way we give access to translators has changed - please check if you have a translation contribution in your membership tab and if not contact  to request access.

To start your free course, click on the New users and subscribers button and log in with your Cochrane Account at the bottom of the 'Course registration and subscription options' screen.

If this is your first time accessing the modules you will need to complete the registration process to access. Your Cochrane credentials will be recognised automatically and you will receive a 100% discount when you complete the checkout process. Once logged in, you can access all modules as well as see your progress and any certificates available for you to download.

All Cochrane contributors living and working in Research4Life countries are also eligible for free access.
Other contributors should refer to the instructions below on a free trial and individual subscriptions. Please note that Cochrane Members are eligible for a discount on all subscriptions. This is deducted automatically at checkout.

If you have any queries about your Cochrane Account or your eligibility to free access to Cochrane Interactive Learning, please email

I’d like to purchase a subscription for myself. How do I find out more about subscription access?

Individual subscriptions are available on a paid basis. Click on the 'Register' link on the main menu page to find out details on costs and to register and subscribe. If you have any queries, please contact us.

For those of you joining after taking advantage of a free trial period, please note you will not lose any progress you made on modules during the free trial period.

Module 1: Introduction to conducting systematic reviews will remain available free to all, and many Cochrane contributors (see above) as well as residents in Research4Life countries are eligible for free access. Cochrane Members not in these categories will be eligible for a discount price.

I’d like to purchase a subscription for my institution / students. How do I find out more about institutional subscription access?

Institutional access is available for Cochrane Interactive Learning and discounted rates are available. To find out how Cochrane Interactive Learning can help you support your students, staff or researchers or to request a demo for your organisation, please contact us.

If you would like to test the learning modules for yourself, Module 1: Introduction to conducting systematic reviews will remain available free to all. Follow the instructions above on how to set up an account and access this module.

Where can I read the terms and conditions for the course?

The terms and conditions for the course are available here.

What is your cancellation policy?

Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you are able to do so within 14 days of payment. See more about your right to cancel in section 7 ("Cancellation by you") in the course terms and conditions. Please contact us should you wish to cancel your subscription.

Can I access the modules on my tablet or mobile device?

Yes, the modules have been designed to work on all modern laptop, tablet or mobile devices. Some older versions of browsers may not support viewing of modules. Contact us for a list of supported browsers. You can log into the modules from any computer and continue your progress from where you left off.

Can I access the modules offline?

No, unfortunately the modules are not available offline.

Can I access the modules on a low bandwidth connection?

Yes, the modules have been designed to work on low bandwidth connections, including any videos, audio sections and animations.

Have the modules been designed to meet accessibilty standards?

Yes, the modules have been designed to have accessibility which complies with Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines to Level AA. The detailed description of how our design platform, Adapt Framework, meets the WAI AA accessibility requirements can be seen here. All video/audio content is accompanied by written transcripts.

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Modules and their content


I’d like to complete each module over several sessions. Will my progress be saved?

Yes, once you are logged on to the modules, your progress on the modules will be logged, along with any assessments you have completed or favourites that you mark. Your progress is indicated on the individual module boxes on the main menu page.

​How long will each module take to complete?

The modules vary in length, from 30 to 120 minutes. Estimated times are indicated underneath the module title on the main menu page; e.g. 30 minutes. You can complete the modules at your own pace, returning when you wish and flagging 'favourite' sections that you plan to revisit. 

How does the assessment work?

There is an assessment at the end of each module, consisting of between four and ten (generally multiple choice) questions. The assessments are based on testing your knowledge against the learning objectives for the modules. Each time you take an assessment, you will have two chances to answer each question correctly.  If you still don't get a correct answer on your second attempt, you'll be referred back to the appropriate page of the module where you can refresh your learning about that particular topic. You'll need to get all assessment questions correct to pass. 

Do I receive a certificate for each module I complete?

Yes, when you have completed each module (i.e. looked at all of the content) and passed the assessment, you'll then be able to download a certificate to that effect from the menu page, for inclusion in your CPD or equivalent learning profile. Certifcates are delivered in a PDF format. You'll also be able to download a course certificate on passing all nine modules, which will be in the certificates section on the main menu.

I have a suggestion or concern about the content of a module

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on our Evaluation page, or contact us at any time.

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Problems signing in, locked account and forgotten passwords

If you are having difficulties accessing your account, please contact us. If you need help with your Cochrane Account, including help with a forgotten password, follow the links on the Cochrane Account page here. If you cannot open Cochrane Interactive Learning multimedia (video, animation, audio) due to restricted access to YouTube in your country, you can access them here.

Accessibility and screen-reading software

Firstly, please ensure you've enabled the accessibility mode when launching the module. To do this, press "tab" when launching the module to enable the accessibility mode button. Select "Turn accessibility on?" when prompted by JAWS. If this doesn't resolve the issue, please ensure you are using the "tab" button on your keyboard as the primary mode of navigation. Note that navigating via the arrows on your keyboard will generally work but there are some instances where the tab button is required to progress through the content.

If these FAQ don't give you an answer to your query, you can contact us on 

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