Cochrane Interactive Learning

Module 8: Reporting the review

About this module

Part of the Cochrane Interactive Learning course on Conducting an Intervention Review, this module covers the expected process to follow in reporting your review. This module teaches you how to create ‘Summary of findings’ tables, writing up your results, how to discuss evidence and draw conclusions, and the different summary formats of a Cochrane review.

Duration 90-120 minutes

What you can expect to learn (learning outcomes)

This module will teach you to:

  • Identify ways of ensuring consistency in a Cochrane Review
  • Identify elements of the ‘Summary of findings’ table
  • Decide how to present an outcome in a ‘Summary of findings’ table
  • Identify the elements of good reporting of systematic review results
  • Understand the purpose of ‘Authors’ conclusions’ in a Cochrane Review
  • Recognize features of a Cochrane Review abstract
  • Recognize the vocabulary appropriate for the PLSs

Authors, contributors, and how to cite this module

Module 8 has been written and compiled by:

Dario Sambunjak, Miranda Cumpston and Chris Watts, Cochrane Central Executive Team..

Toby Lasserson and Nuala Livingstone from Cochrane Editorial Unit.

Nancy Santesso, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.

This module should be cited as: Sambunjak D, Cumpston M, Watts C, Lasserson T, Livingstone N, Mitchell D, Santesso N. Module 8: Reporting the review. In: Cochrane Interactive Learning: Conducting an intervention review. Cochrane, 2017. Available from

Update and feedback

The module was last updated on September 2022.

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