CoI Policy

Conflict of Interest (CoI) Policy
Conflict of Interest (CoI) Policy
► The Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Library Content came into effect on October 14, 2020 and applies to any titles that were registered, or where the decision was made to update, after the 2020 policy implementation date. See a diagram explaining the timelines of applying the 2020 CoI Policy.
The Commercial Sponsorship Policy which took effect in 2014 applies to any Cochrane Review, Protocol or Update that was published or already underway before October 14, 2020.
The Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Groups came into effect in June 2014 as supporting guidance to the policy for Cochrane Reviews. It sets out how the 2014 Commercial Sponsorship policy applies to Cochrane Groups and members. It will be reviewed and revised during 2020 following the launch of the new policy for Cochrane Library content.

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