Writing a Cochrane abstract in the focused review format

As Cochrane abstracts are often the only part of a Cochrane review that people read, it is important they can be read as stand alone documents.

In this web clinic, Lindsay Robertson will cover the general principles of writing an abstract that is clear, easy to understand, and translate. The specific requirements of the new focused review format and the PRISMA checklist will also be covered.

The session is of interest to authors and editors.

Presenter Bios

Lindsay Robertson is an Evidence Synthesis Development Editor at Cochrane. She provides support to author teams working on priority reviews throughout the review development process, from conception to submission of the full manuscript.

Elizabeth Royle is Cochrane’s Production Manager and runs the dedicated copy editing team through whose hands all approved submissions pass prior to publication. She provides advice on Cochrane style and presentation requirements across Cochrane, as well as on the accessibility of plain language summaries and other sections in reviews.

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