Knowledge translation

Knowledge translation
Knowledge translation

Cochrane Learning Live webinars and accompanying materials on approaches to and tools for knowledge translation

Motivating, Managing and Training Volunteers: Case Studies from Cochrane's Translation Teams [August 2019]
Juliane Ried, Cochrane's Translations Co-ordinator
Dr Patrick Cadwell, Assistant Professor of Translation Studies, Dublin City University
Livia Puljak, Professor at Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb, Croatia
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Cochrane and Wikipedia: Improve online health-related information accessed by billions of people each year. How, When, and Why [July 2019]
Jennifer Dawson, Cochrane's Wikipedia Consultant
Sylvain Juchet, Cochrane France
Sadie Miller, University of Ottawa
Humaira Muhfuz, University of Ottawa
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Designing Knowledge Translation Strategies: Using online surveys to identify target audience characteristics and evidence needs [June 2019]
Dr Adrian Verbel, Field Co-ordinator, Cochrane Insurance Medicine
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Visualising Cochrane Evidence in practice: experience from the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders group *View from here series* [April 2019]
Jess Hendon, Managing Editor, CCMD
Laura Evans, Nifty Fox Creative
Lindsay Robertson & Noortje Uphoff, Systematic Reviewers, CCMD
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How to develop and evaluate a Knowledge Translation plan: advice and experiences from Cochrane Child Health Field [March 2019]
Sarah Elliott, Program Manager for Cochrane Child Health
Gabrielle Zimmermann, Program Coordinator, Knowledge Translation & Implementation Science with the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Knowledge Translation Platform
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How you can help the implementation of Cochrane’s Knowledge Translation Framework [July 2017]
Julie Wood and Sally Green, Co-Chairs of Cochrane's Knowledge Translation Advisory Group
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Making systematic reviews policy-relevant *GESI webinar*​ [June 2017]
John Lavis, Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Informed Health Systems, McMaster University
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If you are interested in this topic, there are more online learning resources in our Knowledge translation collection.