Knowledge translation

Knowledge translation
Knowledge translation

Cochrane Learning Live webinars and accompanying materials on approaches to and tools for knowledge translation

Knowledge Translation in Cochrane – Chinese language webinar [November 2019]
Cliff Chen, Director of Cochrane Taiwan, Taipei Medical University.
Joyce Chen, Deputy Director and Chief Executive Officer of Cochrane Taiwan, Taipei Medical University. 
Joey Kwong, Co-Convenor of Cochrane Adverse Effects Methods Group
Tina Li, contact person of the Cochrane Simplified Chinese team, Centre for Evidence-based Chinese medicine in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. 
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Core principles for dissemination: Introducing Cochrane’s new Dissemination Checklist [October 2019]
Claire Glenton, Director, Cochrane Norway
Sarah Rosenbaum, Researcher, Cochrane Norway
Stephanie Lagosky, Cochrane KT Project Officer
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Priority Setting in Action: experiences from two Cochrane Review Groups [October 2019]
Taylor King and Pua Motu’apuaka, Assistant and Managing Editor for the Cochrane Fertility Regulation group 
Ruaraidh Hill, Lecturer in evidence synthesis with the Liverpool Reviews and Implementation Group, University of Liverpool
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Motivating, Managing and Training Volunteers: Case Studies from Cochrane's Translation Teams [August 2019]
Juliane Ried, Cochrane's Translations Co-ordinator
Dr Patrick Cadwell, Assistant Professor of Translation Studies, Dublin City University
Livia Puljak, Professor at Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb, Croatia
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Cochrane and Wikipedia: Improve online health-related information accessed by billions of people each year. How, When, and Why [July 2019]
Jennifer Dawson, Cochrane's Wikipedia Consultant
Sylvain Juchet, Cochrane France
Sadie Miller, University of Ottawa
Humaira Muhfuz, University of Ottawa
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Designing Knowledge Translation Strategies: Using online surveys to identify target audience characteristics and evidence needs [June 2019]
Dr Adrian Verbel, Field Co-ordinator, Cochrane Insurance Medicine
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Visualising Cochrane Evidence in practice: experience from the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders group *View from here series* [April 2019]
Jess Hendon, Managing Editor, CCMD
Laura Evans, Nifty Fox Creative
Lindsay Robertson & Noortje Uphoff, Systematic Reviewers, CCMD
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How to develop and evaluate a Knowledge Translation plan: advice and experiences from Cochrane Child Health Field [March 2019]
Sarah Elliott, Program Manager for Cochrane Child Health
Gabrielle Zimmermann, Program Coordinator, Knowledge Translation & Implementation Science with the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit Knowledge Translation Platform
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How you can help the implementation of Cochrane’s Knowledge Translation Framework [July 2017]
Julie Wood and Sally Green, Co-Chairs of Cochrane's Knowledge Translation Advisory Group
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Making systematic reviews policy-relevant *GESI webinar*​ [June 2017]
John Lavis, Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Informed Health Systems, McMaster University
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