Methods Support Unit web clinics

Welcome to this series of Cochrane Learning Live webinars, all dedicated to methods support. Each month, Cochrane review authors and editorial staff are invited to join a 60 minute web clinic hosted by Cochrane's Methods Support Unit to discuss methodological questions during the production of Cochrane Protocols and Reviews.

We are pleased to be joined throughout the series by experts in this field, and you can find out more about each session and access the webinar recordings below. All sessions are freely open to everyone. 

If you have a question or issue that you would like to get addressed on a Methods Support Unit web clinic, please contact the Methods Support Unit

Upcoming sessions

Thursday, 21 March 2024, 09:00 UTC 
Component network meta-analysis: concepts and insights
Sofia Tsokani, Statistics Editor, Cochrane's Methods Support Unit

Watch the recordings of previous sessions

Introducing Cochrane’s Focused Review Format template: an essential tool for authors [February 2024]
Ella Flemying, Head of Editorial Policy and Research Integrity, Cochrane.
Rachel Richardson, Methods Support Unit Manager, Cochrane.
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Updated guidance on how to interpret and assess imprecision with GRADE methods [January 2024]
Leslie Choi, Evidence Synthesis Development Editor, Cochrane. 
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Developing an effective ‘Overview of included studies and syntheses’ table [December 2023]
Miranda Cumpston, Systematic review editor and methodologist, Cochrane Nutrition and Physical Activity Thematic Group & People, Health Systems and Public Health Thematic Group.
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Dealing with rare events in Cochrane reviews [November 2023]
Afroditi Kanellopoulou, Statistics Editor, Methods Support Unit.
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New guidance on reporting the Risk Of Bias In Non-randomised Studies - of Interventions (ROBINS-I) tool [October 2023]
Dr Kerry Dwan, Senior Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.
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How can the framework for prospective, adaptive meta-analysis (FAME) be used to improve the quality of Cochrane reviews? [August 2023]
Professor Jayne Tierney & Sarah Burdett, MRC Clinical Trials Unit, UCL, London
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Developing a tool for detecting problematic RCTs in health systematic reviews: the INSPECT-SR project [July 2023]
Jack Wilkinson, Lecturer at the Centre for Biostatistics, University of Manchester
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Considering scope at the review planning stage [June 2023]
Leslie Choi, Methods and Evidence Synthesis Team, Cochrane 
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Handling heterogeneity in Cochrane reviews [April 2023]
Afroditi Kanellopoulou & Sofia Tsokani, Statistics Editors, Methods Support Unit. 
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Risk of Bias 2: Good practice and common errors [February 2023]
Rachel Richardson, Methods Support Unit Manager, Cochrane
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How to approach writing a Background section [January 2023]
Toby Lasserson, Deputy Editor in Chief, Cochrane 
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Assessing imprecision and inconsistency in GRADE [December 2022]
Leslie Choi, Evidence Synthesis Development Editor, Cochrane
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Development of materials to facilitate implementation of methods for presentation and statistical synthesis when data are not amenable to meta-analysis [November 2022]
Joanne McKenzie, Simon Turner & Sue Brennan, School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Australia
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Interpretation of subgroup analyses [October 2022]
Marty Chaplin, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
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What makes a good Discussion section? [September 2022]
Nuala Livingstone, Cochrane Evidence Production and Methods Directorate
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Writing up reviews with network meta analysis [July 2022]
Kerry Dwan, Methods Support Unit
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Preferred and acceptable risk of bias tools for non-randomised studies of interventions [June 2022]
Michele Hilton Boon, Glasgow Caledonian University
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Writing up Risk of Bias 2 [May 2022]
Kerry Dwan & Rachel Richardson, Cochrane's Central Executive Team
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A checklist and guide for defining the questions to be addressed in the synthesis of public health intervention reviews [April 2022]
Miranda Cumpston, Joanne McKenzie & Sue Brennan, School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Australia
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Summary of findings table common errors [March 2022]
Rachel Richardson, Associate Editor, Cochrane Evidence Production & Methods
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Developing your implications for research section [February 2022]
Toby Lasserson, Deputy Editor in Chief in Cochrane
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